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HappyMe Skincare is the Natural Alternative to Proactiv® and AcneFree®

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The HappyMe Challenge: What’s In Your Acne Treatment?

In a perfect world, blemishes and breakouts would be nonexistent. The spotty reality is, over 17 million people in the U.S. battle acne. While a large arsenal of skincare products is available to help treat acne, many people forget that beautiful skin is much more than just clear skin. Although commonly used acne products like proactiv® and AcneFree® have been proven to help clear skin, they are also filled with harsh chemicals that can result in more negatives than positives. Here are a few things to watch out for the next time you stock up on acne-clearing products:

1. Harsh formulas: Ever wonder why your wash cloths become spotted and stained after washing your face? Those bleach stains are caused by the same chemical used for bleaching hair and teeth: benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide and other harsh formulas make up the active ingredients in acne clearing products such as proactiv and AcneFree. Many acne treatments also contain parabens, harmful preservatives that have been linked to breast cancer.

2. Chemical dry out: If benzoyl peroxide is bleaching your wash cloths, what is it doing to your face? Often times, extreme chemical dry out. Continuous application of benzoyl peroxide to your face can result in red, flaky, and irritated skin that looks and feels unpleasant.

3. Artificial Scent: Acne clearing products that use harsh formulas like proactive and AcneFree usually come with an unpleasant artificial scent. Products that don’t smell natural are typically loaded with strong chemicals. In addition, washing your face is not only a means to preventing and eliminating acne, but also a way to relax and wash away the stress of your day. There is nothing relaxing about the smell of harsh chemicals.

4. Contains animal byproducts: Many acne treatments on the market such as proactiv contain animal byproducts. Animal byproducts are materials taken from animals such as fat, flesh, blood, milk, and eggs. In addition to irritating the skin, animal byproducts can also makes us think twice about our four-legged friends.

Beautiful, clear skin can be achieved without the use of chemicals, harsh smells and animal byproducts. HappyMe Skincare’s line of naturally corrective acne healing products uses natural ingredients like Olive Leaf Extract, Willow Bark Extract, and Lavender Oil that not only rid the skin of acne, but sooth and nourish the skin at the same time. The added bonus? All of HappyMe products are also completely vegan and PETA-certified, meaning no animal cruelty or byproducts.

While many argue that a perfect world is unattainable, perfect skin is within reach.